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Find Us In Mumbai

The PB Mumbai campus is at True School of Music. Details on how to find us are below...


The True School of Music

107 Sunmill Compound
Lower Parel
Mumbai 400013


(+44) 20 7729 4884




TSM is a 5 minute walk (450m) from Lower Parel train station.

We are a 10 minute walk (850m) from Curry Road train station.

Please note: you will have to take a slow train to either of the above stations.


If you are coming by car, we are located inside Sun Mill Compound, near the back exit. For vehicles, the entrance to Sun Mill Compound is directly opposite the Palladium gate, just next to the Manyavar showroom. Once inside Sun Mill Compound, please follow the True School of Music (TSM) direction signs.

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