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Please click on the following links to access Point Blank's public policies:

Academic Appeals Policy

Academic Appeals Procedure

Academic Freedom Policy

Academic Misconduct Policy

Academic Misconduct Flowchart

Access and Participation Plan 2024-25

Additional Learning Support Policy

Admissions Policy - Higher Education

Anti-Bullying Policy

Data Protection Policy

Disability and Mental Health Support Policy

Enrolment and Registration Policy

Equal Opportunities (Staff Recruitment and Development) Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Ethics Policy

Extenuating Circumstances Policy

Financial Assistance Fund Policy

Fitness to Study Policy – Professional Students

Fitness to Study Policy - Higher Education

Fitness to Study Procedure - Higher Education

Freedom of Speech Code

Harrassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy

Harrassment and Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Recording Form

Hardship Procedure

Health & Safety Policy

International Student Attendance Policy

Sponsored Student Attendance Monitoring Procedure

Late Submission Policy

Marking, Moderation & Feedback Policy

Marking & Internal Moderation Procedure

Point Blank ID Card Policy

Prevent Policy

Programme Withdrawal, Temporary Interruption & Transfer Policy

Quality Manual

Resubmission & Retake Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Student Attendance Policy

Attendance Monitoring Procedure

Student Complaints & Grievance Policy

Student Complaints & Grievance Procedure

Scholarships and Bursary Policy

Student Development Scholarship Fund Policy

Student Death Policy

Student Disciplinary Procedure

Student Governance Handbook

Student Protection Plan

Student Visa Policy

Teaching, Learning & Assessment Strategy

Teaching Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy

Tuition Fee Policy

Under 18s Policy