Mike Hollandsworth
Head Coach, Cecil College

We love “Twist”. It fit directly with how we wanted to play defense. A ton of charge opportunities. It definitely changed the pace of games in our favor. Opposing teams shot 22% on the YEAR against it!

Ryan Trupe
Head Coach, Garden Spot

Point Blank Period’s philosophy starts an stops with DEFENSE! Their focus on small defensive principles like “keeping your bubble” and “your first 3 steps back” have paid huge dividends for our program.His ENERGY is off the charts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with this man….you won’t regret it!

Jon Dejesus
Assistant Blair Academy

We linked up in the Fall of 2016. The defensive knowledge that our program acquired propelled us to our school’s 1st DISTRICT Title in History.

Erika Davis
Head Coach,Tamaqua

Jeff and his staff demonstrated numerous drills for elementary age students that we have never seen before. Our kids loved it!

Point Blank Period’s program is unlike any we have seen before. It’s face-paced, intense and simply different. My son absolutely LOVED IT!

Catherine / Melbourne Australia

I’ve been to IMPACT in Vegas. I’ve played overseas for 9 years in multiple countries. Jeff Sparrow is teaching this game on a whole other level. I don’t think people truly realize what they are getting when they step in the gym with this program.

Alex Franklin / Atleticos PR

2 Hrs with Point Blank Period and my son feels like he got more out of it than his ENTIRE WINTER SEASON! We have also attended all the local College Camps, but after attending Point Blank Period Camp, we will only be attending their camps in the future. They are never the same, they TEACH, and the intensity is off the charts.