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Our Philosophy

 It’s not WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it.

There is a CERTAIN WAY to WORK! Some of the best workouts are 30-40 minutes Max! Here at Point Blank Period, we teach you how to fail often, push past the point of fatigue and acquire skill rapidly.The game should always SLOW DOWN for you after our workouts. 

Jeff Sparrow, aka The Doctor of Defense, trains players from the NBA, NCAA, high school, middle school and grade school levels. His relentless passion, work ethic, and competency for the game has the respect of players and coaches all over the World! He will help you achieve greatness as a player, coach and an organization.  Jeff is a firm believer in continuous improvement. As a result he stays up to speed with the latest basketball trends by dedicating extensive amounts of time to researching and developing new and cutting-edge methods of training, which he often implements in his own workouts for himself and his athletes. 

Meet the pbp team

Coach Dooley
Skill Development Coach Assistant Coach Alvernia Women's Basketball

Coach Sparrow
Founder of Point Blank Period Skill Development Coach

Dr. Neff
Owner of Inner-Edge

Inner Edge

Clarence Curry
Co-Owner of TeamWorks Sports Academy Former Arizona Cardinal

Team Works Sports