Week 1: July 30th – August 3rd – Register here!

Week 2: August 6th – August 10th – Register here!

  Overnight Camp Open to Boys 9th Grade to College

Ever attended an overnight camp? Let us guess……a few drills, guest speaker, competitions and games? YOU DESERVE MORE!


In 2018, Point Blank Period will be offering our very first GRINDHOUSE.


Located at the Birdsboro Community Memorial Center(201 East Main Street Birdsboro PA 19508), players from all over will have a chance to work with the Point Blank Period Team, founded by Coach Sparrow aka “The Doctor of Defense”. Your “House” for the week will have access to an indoor court, outdoor court, shooting machine, training equipment, weight room, film room and game room. Train, watch film, attend class, practice and get up shots, tons of shots, everyday. There is no excuse to not improve DRAMATICALLY in this week.

Throughout the entire week, Point Blank Period will provide an environment where physically, mentally and emotionally, our players can learn and grow. 

**If you don’t LOVE this game and you don’t LOVE to work, this probably isn’t for you.**


Grindhouse Highlights


*Skill Development Sessions

Facilitated by Coach Sparrow, Collegiate/High School Coaches and Skill Development Coaches. Fast pace, intense environment focused on all facets of skill development but mainly focused on winning the point of attack defensively, proper communication, rotations and help situations


*Shooting Workouts on the Shooting Machine

Reps Reps Reps. “Rip off the skip” concepts, 1,2 footwork, hop footwork, curls, fades, staggers, pindowns, off-the dribble and more


*Film Sessions

Focused on skill development, offensive structure/philosophy, defensive structure/philosophy, body language and More.


*Hot Yoga

Understand the importance of flexibility, appropriate breathing and stretching techniques.


*Mental Strength Sessions

Sports Psychologist Dr. Rick Neff-Owner of Inner Edge.

Considered one of the best in the business, Dr. Rick Neff has worked with Michigan State Basketball, Reading High Basketball and multiple Mcdonalds All-Americans. He will change the way you “think” about the game.

*Classroom X’s and O’s

Players will play within a specific style/structure for the week. They will learn with their teammates during this WhiteBoard Session and drill it at each practice during the week. We are not interested in having you run set plays. We want you to understand the benefits of playing “within a system”. A system which provides you with structure, continuity, principles, movement, scoring options, fluidity and cohesiveness.


Players will learn the principles of the following offenses:


Ball Screen Continuity

Triangle Hi-Low with Continuity


Pin Wheel

Dribble Drive


Players will learn the principles of the following defenses:

Denial/High Pressure

Switching Defense

Packline Defense

Full Court Man/Zones

¾ Man/Zones

Run and Jump

Point Zone






Camp Itinerary


6am-7am- Breakfast

7am-9am-Morning Skill/Shooting Workout

9am-10am- Film

10am-12pmLunch/Shower/Down Time

12p-1pm Dr. Neff

1pm-2pm Classroom X’s and O’s

2pm-3pm Functional Strength/Weightroom Workout

3pm-6pm Practice/Games

6p-8:00pm Shower, Dinner, Downtime

8:00pm-10:00pm Bonding/Outing

10pm-Lights Out  


6am-7am Breakfast

7am-8am- Hot Yoga

8am-9am- Morning Skill/ Workout/Shooting Workout



12p-1pm-Dr. Neff

1pm-2pm-ClassRoom X’s and O’s

2pm-3pm-Functional Strength/Weightroom Workout

3pm-6pm Practice/Games


7pm-10pm-Dinner Outing/Event

10:30pm Lights Out  



7am-9am-Morning Skill Development/Shooting Workout

9am-10am Film


12pm-1pm-Dr Neff

1pm-2pm- Classroom X’s and O’s

2pm-3pm-Functional Strength


6pm-8pm-Shower, Dinner, Downtime

8pm-10pm-Lights Out  


6am-7am Breakfast

7am-8am Hot Yoga

8am-9am Morning Skill Development/Shooting Workout

9am-10am Film

10am-12pm Lunch/Shower/Downtime

12p-1p-Dr. Neff
1p-2p-Classroom X’s and O’s

2p-3p-Functional Strength

3p-6pm Practice/Games

6pm-8pm Shower, Dinner, Downtime

8p-10pm- Camp Bonding/Outing  


6am-7am Breakfast

7am-8am Shooting Workout



10am-12pm- Lunch, Shower, Downtime


2pm-3pm-Guest Speaker


6pm-8pm Awards/ Pick Up

    Pricing   $600 per person  

Breakfast,lunch and dinner will be offered at the Center’s Snack Shack for separate purchase. Healthy foods and meals are available.   During Outings, dinner will be provided for no additional charge.  

What to bring:

Basketball clothes

Basketball shoes

Twin size bed sheets





Body wash



anything else you may need!


July 30th – August 3rd – Register here!

August 6th – August 10th – Register here!