Obey the Law!

Obey the Law

Here is a thought:

What if every child under the age of 12 was required by law to shoot on an 8 foot rim.

Yes, this is hypothetical but I am very serious!

Listen, the results could be mind boggling.

Let’s think for a minute. Why do the majority of teams at ALL LEVELS(YOUTH, MIDDLE SCHOOL, HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGIATE, PRO) only have one or two “shooters” on each team?

The answer is not too hard to figure out. Shooting is fun as a child but many negatives come about from this practice.

  1. Airballs which lead to you running and grabbing your miss.
  2. Long rebounds which lead to you running and grabbing your miss
    1. And let’s be honest, you are wasting time by dribbling 50 times before your next shot.
  3. Incorrect mechanics. No child can correctly shoot while seeing “under the ball” on a 10 ft rim.
  4. Bad muscle memory.

Look, the best part about being a child is the development of the brain. When do most people learn a second language? At a young age. Why you ask? Because they are a clean slate!

In today’s basketball society, most children have shot a 1,000 incorrect shots on a 10 foot rim by the time they are ready to “focus on the sport”.

What if they received 1,000 correct reps before even considering to become a basketball player?

Far fetched? Maybe. But I bet we see 3 or 4 shooters on the floor for every team at every level.

Do you agree? Do you wanna be a serious player?



You have serious choices to make.

Think Big picture and Work with us... or continue to attend meaningless practices/games? UP TO YOU!

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