"Point Blank Period is in a league of its own. I learn something new every time I attend a session or speak with Jeff. I've played in France for almost a decade and there is nothing close to this. NOTHING"

Steve Coffey, Professional Player


 We are DIFFERENT yet realistic! Our program has been used by players and programs at all levels. Better than that? It is PROVEN! The vast amount of knowledge/information you will receive during your time with Point Blank Period is worth it alone! Combine that with high intensity workouts, innovative training methods and the "Doctor of Defense" locking you up and you have the greatest training experience imaginable!

Meet Coach Sparrow

Known as the "Doctor of Defense", Coach Sparrow's program "Point Blank Period" has grown at warp speed over the past few seasons. Recently, Coach Sparrow traveled to Australia to teach his program on foreign soil. In 2017, as an Assistant Coach at Reading High School, Coach Sparrow and the Red Knights captured their very first PIAA 6A State Championship. Coach Sparrow has facilitated High School Camps with the City of Basketball Love, taught his "Twist" Defense to programs like Cecil College and has learned from some of the very best in the Skill Development Industry including the likes of Coach Bo Bell from Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, Coach Sparrow traveled to Beligum for the 2018 Elite Europe Camp held in Antwerp, Belgium.

Due to his uncanny ability to teach skill development, especially the defensive side of the ball, over 10,000 players have been influenced by his program in just under 4 years! 

 Accelerate Your Development with Point Blank Period

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