Foreign Born NBA Players

The Peak, but is it still growing?

No surprise, but International Player’s are becoming Household names and NBA SUPERSTARS. Budding stars like Giannis Antetakoupo and Kristas Porzingis have taken the NBA by storm but are more to come?

It is hard to project the future but one thing to take a look at is the training methods and the different basketball culture’s overseas. Emphasis on Fundamentals, footwork, teamwork, Basketball IQ, running sets, Systems, versatility and other things have greatly contributed to the increase of International Ballers. Another contributor, the LACK of tournaments and games being offered at the younger ranks. No where in the world is AAU type basketball bigger than in the USA. The amount of time traveling and playing is taking time away from OVERALL skill development.

In my estimation, countries like Spain, China, Argentina, Serbia and Australia will continue to produce elite NBA prospects over the future years. It could just be the beginning!

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