Top 4 Basketball Warm-Up Drills Before A Game

Stop jacking up 3’s!

We Have The Best Warm-Up Drills For You!

Going through a program of quality basketball warm-up drills is essential before entering high-charged practice or game action. One thing that I’ve see in almost every pregame warm up is the traditional two line layup drill or kids jacking up 3’s.

It’s a mistake to do this…and a waste of time when you could be doing something else that makes directly impacts your game performance. 


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Here’s why…

Rarely does anybody shoot a lay up in a straight line, from the same spot, at the same angle, with the same amount of dribbles, and with no defense present.

But over the course of the season, we’re wasting hundreds of repetitions doing this in warm ups. Get my 4 video pre-grame or pre-training warmups that all of my professional athletes use religiously.

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