Don’t Just Workout…Train

Don't Just Workout...Train

There’s a common misconception among youth basketball athletes today that can make or break their ability to grow into a great player rather than just a good player.

The difference seems like a nitpick, but it’s actually really complex and crucial.

Are you ready to know the key? Alright, here it goes.

There’s a major difference between working out and training.

Boom! There it is.

Athletes of all levels and ages should understand that there is a distinction between working out and training, and know that only through proper training can your basketball game be elevated to the next level.

So, what is the difference?

Working out is simply exercise, any sort of physical activity with the purpose of improving your fitness but not geared towards improving towards a specific target or goal.

Don’t get us wrong: Working out is great and vital towards maintaining a proper level of physical fitness.

But you can do more.

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Training is a more focused approach to working out, utilizing a goal-oriented approach through repetition, proper form, drills and more.

Through a proper training plan you develop the muscle memory, fitness and high quality repetitions required of getting better and growing your skillset.

When you work out, you take a wide and general approach to exercise. When you train, you set your mind towards a specific plan to get better.

When you train with Point Blank Period by Coach Jeff Sparrow, you get real basketball training for real results.

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