Despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria last year, Basketball is alive and thriving in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico Trip 2018

Recently I had the opportunity to work with the Puerto Rican Basketball National Team, currently ranked 15th in the world. Taking over in 2016, Coach Eddie Casiano has immediately changed the culture and built an infrastructure that will undoubtedly produce a better product of basketball for years to come.

With a roster consisting of Point Blank Period Alumni, Alex Franklin, along with other players listed below, the expectations are sky high for the upcoming World Cup in China in the summer of 2019.

Additional players on the National Team Roster include:

  • Gary Browne-West Virginia
  • Angel Rodriguez-Miami
  • Ramon Clemente-Wichita State
  • Jorge Diaz-Nebraska
  • Angel Daniel Vassallo-Virginia Tech
  • Gian Clavell-Colorado State
  • JJ Barea-Dallas Mavericks
  • David Huertas-Mississippi
  • Ricardo Sanchez-Denver Nuggets
  • Mo Harkless-Trailblazers

In addition to the solid core of professionals in Puerto Rico, Coach Casiano has also mentioned that the 17U and 15U programs have some serious talent as well! It will be interesting to see just how far Coach Casiano can improve the entire outlook of Basketball in Puerto Rico.

One of the greatest players to ever step foot in Puerto Rico, Coach Casiano was a part of the 2004 team that beat the USA Team in the Olympics, 92-73. Coach Casiano had 18 points on 6-7 shooting and 4-4 from 3 point range.

It was an honor to work with their program and I cannot wait to see what is in store for the future of Puerto Rican Basketball. The sky’s the limit!



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