Belgium Waffles? No, we want to talk Belgium Hoops!

Belgium Hoops

Listen closely……Elite Athletes, located in Antwerp Belgium, has far and away the best Basketball Program for their athletes in the WORLD. POINT BLANK PERIOD.

I recently completed the Elite Europe Camp held by Elite Athletes.

Over 130 players from different countries in Europe along with over 30 coaches from different countries across the world were in attendance.

Facilitated by Joerik Michaels, co-founder of Elite Athletes and World-renowned Skill Development Coach, this was a WORLD CLASS camp with everything you will ever want and/or need.

Fighting Monkey Practice Instructor and Co-Founder Olivier Goetgeluck brings a unique view towards body movement, warm-up and cool down sessions. His approach towards taking care of a player’s body will have you at your PEAK PERFORMANCE LEVEL AT ALL TIMES.

Biorhythm classes, skill development sessions, weightroom sessions, film study, kaizon mindset practices and much more filled out the itinerary for each day.


I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to hold a brief Clinic for all of those in attendance. This was a great opportunity to talk defense in front of other coaches from around the world. This also shows you how SPECIAL the Elite Athletes coaches really are. They are willing and hungry to learn at all costs. Already at the TOP of the game in Europe, they continue to grow with zero ego. They are truly doing something SPECIAL for their local community in Antwerp and the entire basketball community across the World.

What I have been privileged to witness during this camp was nothing short of amazing. In a world where “ELITE” is overused and often not applicable, this isn’t the case in Belgium. Their program is above and beyond anything that I have witnessed as a player and a coach. If I am ever blessed with kids of my own, I know exactly where they will be learning the game from.

Knowledge is power and I cannot wait to bring back new information to our community of hoopers!!!!

Be sure to check out Elite Athletes at:


IG: joerik

IG: goetgeluck

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