The Defensive Mindset. Where your mind should LIVE.

Yes, we get it…..You need to score points to win. But when you really think about the game, when you really dissect the game, doesn’t the game tell you that it’s easier to defend than it is to score?

Shouldn’t your mindset shift to thinking about holding the opposing team to LESS points than you?

Look, we are not naive to the fact that shooting is important. 

But how many shots are you even going to get? 

We are simply saying, there are more opportunities to defend the ball at the point of Attack, effectively communicate and effectively rotate per game. 

A LOT MORE. On average, a person can affect the game defensively in these categories 20-40 times. 

Not only to you get more opportunities, but your percentages should be sky high! All we are asking you to do is TALK, be proactive in your stance and understand rotations.

If your not the MAIN shooter on the team, how many opportunities do you think will come your way?

Do you enjoy winning? I do. If so, shift your mindset towards what really matters- THE DEFENSIVE END!



You have serious choices to make.

Think Big picture and Work with us... or continue to attend meaningless practices/games? UP TO YOU!

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