Not a trend – Not an Option – MANDATORY

It’s not a trend, It’s not optional, Its MANDATORY.

Bottom line is this: BASKETBALL IS A YEAR ROUND PURSUIT and it’s a Coaches job to develop their players or find someone who will. Yes, the best are playing in the biggest tournaments, traveling the country and getting nice gear, but they ARE ALSO WORKING!  

I do not have kids but if I did and they were within the ages of 6-13, Ill tell you the route I would be choosing:

Structured Games vs. Bigger/Older Competition-15% 

Training Regimen-55%

Shooting Routine(15 Ft and In)-20%

Miscellouneous-10%(Introduce to Yoga, Strength and Conditioning)

Now think about what your distribution looks like? Is your games above 50%? It is isn’t it?

You probably fire 3 pointers in your games from your hip, play against watered down competition and miss trainings for practices.

The RICH are getting RICHER and the POOR are getting POORER.

Somewhere, someone is helping the elite at an EARLY age. They ALREADY have the advantage and now they are getting more game-speed reps and expert coaching on the side?

Listen, AAU has its benefits and downfalls. One thing about AAU that is consistent at ALL LEVELS. It should NEVER EVER take the place of a solid workout or a progressive plan.

Muscle Memory isn’t encoded with BAD HABITS at a young age. It’s ready to learn the RIGHT WAY. Don’t “get serious” and link up with a trainer LATER in your career. You may have just missed the boat!

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