Box Scores / The Biggest Lie of All.

Box Scores / The Biggest Lie of All. 

As the game progresses and technology continues to integrate its way into sports, new categories of stat have emerged(mainly at the professional and collegiate levels of basketball). The wave of analytics to hit the basketball universe is providing more in-depth data and feedback than ever before. 

Unfortunately for us, these statistics don’t flash across the bottom newsline on ESPN in the morning. We all know what does! 

Russell Westbrook- 45 points, 11 assists, 14 Rebounds, 3 Blocks, 3 Steals.

Can we all agree, this is an unreal stat line? This is a fantasy basketball owners dream.

But what are those numbers creating for the viewer? For the youth basketball player who WANTS to play in the NBA? They are made to believe that THOSE numbers, and those numbers only are the reason for he is elite!

This is where we are SO WRONG!

Did they show in the stat line the the THINGS THAT REALLY MATTER?

How many charges Russ took?

How many successful Communication scenarios Russ had?

How many times he won the “point of attack”?

How many deflections did he cause?

How many 50/50 balls did he win?

How many points did he LET UP?

You won’t find these in the BOX SCORE! and its KILLING OUR GAME.

Russell may have WON the “point of attack” by turning his offensive player multiple times causing a pass away(which is a win). He may have won the “point of attack” 15 times in one game! That affects the game far more than those 3 steals!

Russell may have successfully communicated and “pointed out” back screens, fade screens and ball screens all night. Because of his clear and concise communication, the Thunder were able to successfully defend 22 actions this game. Thats 22 times that Russell affected the game in his Team’s Favor. 11 More influential moments than those 11 assists.

Listen, WE ALL LOVE THE BOX SCORE. I get it. I knew my points and assists. But I also knew that is HARDLY told the TRUE STORY IN game.

Every wonder why there is only 1 Lockdown Defender per team? Well, when the Game shows you NO STATISTICAL IMPACT THE NEXT MORNING IN THE BOX SCORE, it doesn’t seem like it matters as much. We can ASSURE YOU, it MATTERS FAR MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW.

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